Auto Club Speedway

In 2008 Fuel For Success started it’s inaugural year with the assistance of the Auto Club Speedway. At that time, the president of the Speedway was Gillian Zucker, who proved very helpful in helping us to get things going. 

The Auto Club Speedway not only assisted with track access, but also assisted with ticket acquisition, driver assistance, and NASCAR team information. The current president of Auto Club Speedway Dave Allen hasn’t skipped a beat in assisting Fuel For Success with current needs. The Auto Club of Southern California has also been instrumental in assisting with promoting the Southern California region of Fuel For Success in various media outlets. 

The Auto Club has donated tickets to thousands of youth over the years who have participated in Fuel For Success not only in California but also in Fort Worth Texas. The Auto Club Speedway has also provided media assistance to some very worthy youth. They have done this by prove providing access to young ones interested in careers in media to observe driver interviews and also allow the youth in 2017 to actually interview NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney. 

It can certainly be said that Fuel For Success would not be such a productive and successful program without the assistance of the auto club Speedway, and sponsor Southern California Automobile Club.