Law Enforcement Leadership

Law enforcement departments and officers involved with Fuel for Success are dedicated to the duty to serve the young ones with due diligence and urgency. In many cases, law enforcement officers overcome various social and economic barriers in order to succeed at engaging students. Officers have leveraged various programs within Fuel for Success to gain the trust and respect of the kids to start relationships that make a meaningful difference in local communities.

For student members of Fuel for Success, this mentorship with police officers allows them to see that someone influential cares and is interested in their well-being. The officers often pair their mentorship with the teachings of educators to build lasting networks of learning. Leadership is strengthened in our Explorer internship program, where officers are helping kids through the year to make positive decisions as they are confronted with various challenges on a daily basis at home, in neighborhoods, and at school.

See how law enforcement leaders around the country are giving young Americans the Fuel For Success