STEM Through Teamwork

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

We believe in the far reaching opportunities pursuing a career in a STEM-based discipline. We reinforce this belief in our programs, our activities and our partnerships. When we are at the racetrack, Fuel for Success members have a unique opportunity to meet professional drivers and crew members. Leader of the 22 Crew and NASCAR drive for the #22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford, Joey Logano stresses the importance of STEM learning and teamwork week in and week out.


Not only do our partners expose students to the importance of education, but we have also brought college students from Wingate University's School of Sport Sciences on board with Fuel For Success.

The Wingate Students provide mentorship to the high school students rooted in real and relatable experiences. During race weekends, they serve as ambassadors throughout the program and show Fuel For Success members the many careers made possible through STEM. 

Away from the track, Fuel for Success challenges students to reach unknown levels of achievement. The students have indeed responded by making some very complex projects seem simple. Our most popular program brings students from California, North Carolina, Delaware, and Nevada into teams to compete in the Fuel For Success air powered car races. With each passing year, the students continually push the limits of innovation through teamwork.


Contact our team to learn more about the programs we support that promote teamwork and STEM-based education.