Claire's Crew-Episode 1

"I was so happy that I got to meet Susana and Jennifer who are two seniors from ED W. Clark high school in Las Vegas. They were my guests at Las Vegas Motor Speedway - I was able to show them the studio that I work out of at the track - and chat for a while thanks to the Fuel for Success program. We talked about being confident - about not assuming that those who are more successful than us were not scared when they first started too - and about making sure you have a strong and confident voice when asked questions so that people can hear and appreciate what you have to say. I am not talking about being over the top - or putting it on -  but just not looking down and answering meekly when people ask you a question... It's so important to show your confidence in the way that you clearly speak in a voice folks can hear.  Susana and Jennifer rocked the interview I did with them in studio.....These students are shining stars! Give the interview a listen above." Special thanks to Officer Anthony Cooke and Officer Robert Mayer for escorting the girls to the speedway.