Colton Police


The Colton Police Department is the founding PD of Fuel for Success, starting the organization in 2007. The department is the home department of Director Todd Smith, and has inspired the growth of the program to PD's across the United States. The Colton PD developed the recreation program of bringing student members to experience a day at a professional motorsports event, meet a professional driver and interact with the race team. Not only does this experience at the track provide a platform to connect with each other, it also provides exposure to the value of hard work and education to secure a prosperous future. 

Away from the track, but still tied into all of the great metaphors associated with racing, Rialto PD and Colton PD come together to host student members for the Air-Powered Car Competition. Colton PD encourages collaboration-based innovation and sanctions awards for the winning team in competition, but also for some of the most important aspects of teamwork such as: communication, trust and leadership. 


While they continue this work, they have been active in developing programs away from the track as well. Colton PD leads students through the Police Explorer, where students have the opportunity to learn about what a career in law enforcement entails. Treated as an internship, this program provides students exposure to the makings of a fulfilling and vital career. This mentorship has led to the development of regular anti-bullying assemblies with a custom-designed Ford Raptor Truck.

The Raptor Truck also integrates in partnership with Shell to educate students on the importance of alternative energy by playing a game of Kinetic Soccer. The student members use a soccer ball that generates energy as it gets kicked around, using the motion of it rolling through the field. It is a concept that is active in the most innovative automotive technologies found in F1, IndyCar and Formula-E. 

The Colton PD also runs regular book giveaways in collaboration with other Fuel for Success members including: Rialto, San Bernardino and Moreno Valley school districts. These book giveaways strengthen our mission of education in the community, and provide a platform for student members to grow when they otherwise may not have. 

In support of those working their way up, but are in need of a helping hand to get there, Colton PD steps in on behalf of Fuel for Success to provide access to free meals throughout the summer months. These meals allow kids to thrive, learn, play and grow in their communities.


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