Detroit Police


The Detroit Police Department has been a partner of Fuel for Success since 2009. They originally came on board to host student members at a professional motorsports event, meet a professional driver and interact with the race team. Not only does this experience at the track provide a platform to connect with each other, it also provides exposure to the value of hard work and education to secure a prosperous future. 

While they continue this work, they have been active in developing programs away from the track as well. The Rialto PD leads students through the Police Explorer, where students have the opportunity to learn about what a career in law enforcement entails. Treated as an internship, this program provides students exposure to the makings of a fulfilling and vital career. This mentorship has led to the development of regular anti-bullying assemblies with a custom-designed Ford Raptor Truck.


Throughout the year, the Detroit PD partners with 10+ local Boys and Girls Club houses where Fuel for Success allows for special events for young adults to come together for [EXAMPLE OF EVENTS].

Also, for the years 2014-2017 when the Shell Eco-Marathon was held in downtown Detroit, the Detroit PD not only helped facilitate the entire event for our partners, they brought Fuel for Success student members in on the action as well. It was a remarkable platform to see students aged 14-22 building and racing vehicles capturing nearly 3,000 miles per gallon. This event not only showcases how important STEM-based education is [LINK to EDU] growing up, but also highlights our mission of teamwork to the students. [LINK to TEAM]


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