Fuel For Success | Enriching the lives of young ones within the U.S. through education, mentorship, and recreation.

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Enriching the lives of young ones within the U.S. through education, mentorship, and recreation.

                               About Fuel For Success


Fuel for Success has eight different law enforcement agencies throughout the United States working together with young Americans.

The program is much more than visits to the race tracks. A wide variety of activities are constantly being implemented to reach out to the students, including design,  coloring and Eco-essay contests. Scholarship gifts are also a part of our program and currently we are working on new initiatives that will help students to attend the Sport Management program at Wingate University.  Students that participate at Wingate assist Fuel For Success by providing students that actually manage regular day to day functions with the organization.These mentors also share the exciting world of NASCAR Racing and expose the Middle and High school students to various careers within the racing industries.



Welcome Penske Racing



Student's self esteem and self confidence is raised by the influence and interaction with the Officers, Education Leaders and 
Chaperones. Healthy lifestyles and encouragement are promoted by the race driver and all the Police Officers.  Students see by 
example that hard work, following your dreams, and a drug free life style can be very rewarding.  Underprivileged students are 

shown that we care and are given hope to stay focused in school, despite economical misfortune that they can’t control.



College students from Wingate University's School of Sport Sciences program (below) partner with Fuel For Success throughout the year. They provide mentorship to the h igh school students from real life experiences. While the high school students are visiting the various track locations the college students serve as ambassadors and show the high school students some of the various careers behind the scenes during race day. In 2011 Shell-Pennzoil and Fuel For Success expanded the program with Shell's new relationship that has certainly been rewarding for the students involved in Fuel For Success' various programs.
















History of the Program


Kevin's Krew was the original name of the program. The group was dubbed Kevin’s Krew because of the willingness of NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick to help the kids and participate in the activities at various speedways. The program was founded and started in 2008 by Colton Police Officer Todd Smith, then with a few students and has now reached thousands. 

The program is now named Fuel For Success and is being co-sponsored by several law enforcement agencies; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, Colton Police, Oakland Police, St. Petersburg Police, Henry County Long Beach Police, Avondale Police, Fort Worth Police, Phoenix Police and Dover Police Department. There are local programs in various states that also help make this program successful.

Beginning with the 2011 racing season Shell/Pennzoil partnered with Penske Racing. Participation in the program by NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers and IndyCar series drivers has brought countless experiences to the students in 2012. The NASCAR participating students will be known as "22 Crew"  while the IndyCar students will be dubbed "Castroneves' Crew."




Key People




Heidi Massey- Bong - Sr. Business Advisor, Shell Oil Co.
Ron Schneider - Founder & CEO of Sport Dimensions
Todd Stonis - General Manager of Sport Dimensions
Myra Harper- Director of Hospitality at Sport Dimensions 
Sam Brown- Director of Comm. at Sport Dimensions

Dr. Travis Teague- Dean Sport Sciences- Wingate University

Josh Day - Special Events & Support at Sport Dimensions
Jeff Butler - Eastern Region Program Development
Joey Logano- NASCAR Driver
Helio Castroneves - Indy Car Driver
Todd Smith- Coordinator